Translate Web-UI

We are using Transifex to translate the web interface:

Create an account and request a language group creation. I'll try to approve your request as fast as possible!


There is another method where you can see the translated web interface directly:

Once you installed the server you will see a translation.js in the www directory.

Linux: /var/urbackup/www

Windows: C:\Program files\UrBackupServer\www

You could just change the strings in{} from German to your language (look up in the English version up top when necessary). You should then see all changes once you refresh the web interface (F5) and select German. Once finished you can send me that translation.js (

If you are starting with the english version, don't forget to translate the strings that have no english translation (because the strings themselves contain the translation). Those are all starting with "t". You'll find them e.g. at the German or Russian version.

Please create a ticket in our issue tracking system once you are starting something, so that work isn't done twice, per chance.


Currently being translated are:

French translation

Chinese Traditional and Simplified Translation