Upgrading UrBackup on FreeNAS (via PBI)

This guide describes how to update an existing UrBackup on FreeNAS to a new UrBackup version.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Install the new version in a separate jail. FreeNAS will do this if you install the plugin via the normal process. Do not install the plugin PBI into the already existing plugin jail (The "add package" option in the jails view), as this will delete the UrBackup database!
  2. You'll now have e.g. the jails "customplugin_1" and "customplugin_2". Stop them both in the jails view.
  3. Setup the new plugin jail to have the same IP as the old plugin jail, such that the new UrBackup server is reachable under the same adress. This is optional. You can also reconfigure everything to use a new IP or use a hostname mapping, etc.
  4. Copy over the UrBackup database and configuration files. A comfortable method to do that is to temporarily share the folder the jails reside in or use the console. Copy all the files in e.g. customplugin_1/usr/pbi/urbackup-server-amd64/var/urbackup to customplugin_2/usr/pbi/urbackup-server-amd64/var/urbackup excluding the files in the www folder.
  5. Map the storage into the new plugin jails using the same folders as the old plugin jail.
  6. Start the new jail (customplugin_2) to start the upgraded UrBackup server.